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05/13/2015 -
GDF Suez Joins as Industry Partner...

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05/05/2015 -
Syracuse Center of Excellence Daylighting Study...

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03/10/2015 -
SyracuseCoE Innovation Fund Call For Proposals...

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Labs and Testbeds: New SyracuseCoE Facilities to Accelerate Innovations...

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Come visit us for a "Friday at Three" tour...

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2012 Annual Progress Report...

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Funding Guide: Solicitations

Training and Technical Assistance to Improve Water Quality and Enable Small Public Water Systems to Provide Safe Drinking Water

Sponsor:           U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Deadlines:         Final: 10/26/2015

Summary:          The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is soliciting applications from eligible applicants as described in Section III.A to provide training and technical assistance for small public water systems to help such systems achieve and maintain compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), and to provide training and technical assistance for small publicly-owned wastewater systems, communities served by onsite/decentralized wastewater systems, and private well owners to improve water quality under the Clean Water Act (CWA). Training and technical assistance activities provided to these systems, communities and private well owners should be made available nationally in rural and urban communities and to personnel of tribally-owned and operated systems.

Category:          Water Resources

Keywords:         Public water systems, training and technical assistance

For more information, see the full announcement here.


Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicle Powertrain Electrification and Dual Fuel Fleet Demonstration

Sponsor:           U.S. Department of Energy - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Deadlines:         Final: 11/19/2015

Summary:          This Funding Opportunity Announcement supports the Vehicle Technologies Office's goals and objectives for reducing petroleum consumption through the research, development, and deployment of alternative fuel and vehicle electrification technologies that significantly reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while meeting or exceeding vehicle performance and cost expectations.

Category:          Clean and Renewable Energy

Keywords:         Alternative fuel, electric drive technology, vehicle efficiency technology

For more information, see the full announcement here.


E-Team Program

Sponsor:           VentureWell

Deadlines:         Final: 10/7/2015

Summary:          Our E-Team Program gives college students the chance to move new tech ideas out of the lab and classroom and into the marketplace. The three-stage program provides grant funding, experiential workshops, veteran coaching and a potential investment opportunity to help teams manifest their projects’ full commercial potential.

Category:          Miscellaneous

Keywords:         Tech ideas, college students

For more information, see the full announcement here.


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