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U.S. Department of Energy Challenge Home

US homebuilders of all types, from all areas of the country, report growing buyer interest in energy efficient houses.  In addition, they also find that many homebuyers want help in making informed decisions.  U.S. DoE’s Challenge Home levels of performance are federally recognized as the highest of home performance standards.

Spearheaded by the US Department of Energy (US DOE), the Challenge Home certification is a voluntary effort to provide compelling answers. Through the Builders Challenge, participating homebuilders will have an easy way to differentiate their best energy performing homes from other products in the marketplace, and to make the benefits clear to buyers.


  • What is a Net Zero Energy Home? Download
  • Rebuilding Green After Katrina Download
  • Spotlight on New Orleans Download
  • Building in a Cold Climate Download
  • E-Scale: A New Measure of Energy Efficiency Download

The program is based on lessons learned from the Building America Research Program—a private/public partnership that develops energy solutions for new and existing homes.

What it means to own a DoE Challenge Home:
-Energy Security, know that your home is less subject to high fuel costs.
-Value, what your home is worth goes beyond where it is located and what kind of counter tops you have.
-EPA Indoor Airplus, Challenge homes are designed to prevent harmful pollutants from getting into your home.

What it means to build a DoE Challenge Home:
-Unique Market, you will find yourself among an elite group of builders.
-Strong Heritage, DoE Challenge Home is backed behind solid and proven building science.
-Prepared for the Future, homes are built to meet forthcoming codes.


Rewards of a DoE Challenge Home

o Peace of Mind
o Energy security and savings
o Lasting Performance
o Health
o Comfort


Builders- Take the challenge to build the homes of the future today.  The DOE CHALLENGE HOME label is the symbol of excellence for new homes.  Join the ranks of leading edge builders who provide their customers with proven innovation, sustained value, no or ultra-low utility bills, energy and water savings, and increased comfort -- not to mention a safe and healthy home for generations to come

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Homeowners- Owning a DoE Challenge Home brings unprecedented value by bringing the owner immediate energy savings of 40%-50% and being able to adapt easily to net-zero with a small renewable energy system.  Energy Efficient Mortgages allow a homebuyer to apply for a more expensive mortgage in light that the house will save them hundreds on utility bills.

Luxurious Comfort- DoE Challenge Home pays extraordinary attention to details like insulation, air sealing, advanced window’s and engineering systems.  The home surrounds you with even temperatures and quiet in every room and floor.

For more information on Energy Star or Department of Energy Challenge Home, please e-mail Chris Straile, Home Energy Standards Technical Advisor at

Additional information about local Energy Star partners and homes


Builders Challenge Passed Projects and Case Studies

113 Woodland Ave: Discover how a Syracuse Project Team—led by CDH Energy—designed an energy efficient affordable home for Home HeadQuarters at 113 Woodland Ave., Syracuse NY. Click here for more.

223 Marcellus St, Near Westside Community Information Center: A full analysis of recommendations and strategies for this property has been completed! For the full report, click here.

317 Marcellus St: A living case study is currently being developed for this property - check back soon for the full story!

305 Bunker Hill Way: After this project, homeowners said, "Must have really done something right, as we are the only house in the subdivision that has no ice on our roof" - in Syracuse, that's almost a miracle! Check back soon for more updates on this project!




  •  Understand home energy
    performance with the E-Scale (Energy
    Smart Home Scale)

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