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05/13/2015 -
GDF Suez Joins as Industry Partner...

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05/05/2015 -
Syracuse Center of Excellence Daylighting Study...

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03/10/2015 -
SyracuseCoE Innovation Fund Call For Proposals...

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Labs and Testbeds: New SyracuseCoE Facilities to Accelerate Innovations...

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Come visit us for a "Friday at Three" tour...

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2012 Annual Progress Report...

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Industry Collaboration

Photo:SyracuseCoE Industry Collaboration Intern Kristen Knodel learns her trade at Air Innovations of North Syracuse, a Syracuse CoE Silver Partner.

Upstate New York has been a hub of innovations in environmental and energy technologies since the early 1900s, when Willis Carrier invented the basics of modern air conditioning technology.  Today, the growth and development of this key regional economic cluster is advanced through Syracuse Center of Excellence Industry Collaborations (previously SyracuseCoE OIC).

Through its technology demonstration awards, commercialization grants, internship program, public lecture program, and partner program, the SyracuseCoE focuses on firms located in the 12-county region at the center of Central Upstate New York—New York's Creative Core.

Research & Technology Forums

These sessions focus on creating actionable events from which the attendees can benefit. Each session includes a cross section of people from a variety of groups including relevant industries, academia, and medicine. 

These forums provide a great opportunity for networking, brainstorming, and learning about cutting edge environmental and energy systems technologies , and research and demonstration projects taking place in New York's Creative Core.
 More details about the forums, as well as a calendar of events, can be found at on the Research & Technology Forums home page.



Clean & Green Industry

The environmental and energy industry clusters in the Creative Core have been identified as possessing significant growth potential by the Essential New York Initiative, the regional economic strategy developed by the Metropolitan Development Association of Syracuse and Central New York (MDA).

SyracuseCoE is building upon the set of economic development initiatives first established by the NYIEQ Center, Inc., an independent not-for-profit corporation established by the MDA in July 2000.

SyracuseCoE's mission has been expanded by the development of comprehensive technology roadmaps that envision the future state-of-the-industry in the SyracuseCoE's three focus areas: clean and renewable energy, indoor environmental quality, and water resources.

Photo: Propulsive Wing of Elbridge, NY, has developed a Multi-Use Personal Ventilation/Filtration System.





The Role of SyracuseCoE Industry Collaborations:

  • Coordinate and channel the research, development, and production of new environmental technologies and solutions;
  • Build on the Central Upstate New York's cluster of world-class educational programs, research and development, and engineering and manufacturing;
  • Create new jobs and position Central Upstate New York as a leader in indoor environmental quality research and product development.

Current Industry Collaboration activities of SyracuseCoE:

  • Assist local companies to bring new products to market, including awarding grants through Technology Application and Demonstration (TAD) and Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) programs;
  • Assist local companies to host college student interns who are studying at academic institutions in the region; and
  • Promote increased public understanding of key issues through education and outreach programs, such as the CNY Sustainable Speaker Series, a collaboration with the US Green Building Council New York Upstate Chapter.