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05/13/2015 -
GDF Suez Joins as Industry Partner...

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05/05/2015 -
Syracuse Center of Excellence Daylighting Study...

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03/10/2015 -
SyracuseCoE Innovation Fund Call For Proposals...

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Labs and Testbeds: New SyracuseCoE Facilities to Accelerate Innovations...

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2012 Annual Progress Report...

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Commercialization Projects

Photo: (L to R) John DiMillo of NuClimate Air Quality Systems explains the Q Air Terminal to US Rep. Dan Maffei (NY-25) at the Healthy Buildings conference in Sept. 2009. The Q Air Terminal received a SyracuseCoE CAP grant.

The third phase of SyracuseCoE’s research, demonstration, and commercialization “Innovation Ecosystem,” the Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) awards—established in partnership with CenterState CEO (formerly the Metropolitan Development Association) and the Empire State Development Corporation with grants received under the auspices of New York Assemblyman William Magnarelli—fund projects that commercialize products and services in the fields of indoor environmental quality, water resources, and clean and renewable energy.

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Akers. Charles
Continuous Access Port Modified Fumehood Retrofit Kit

Brown. Terry
Innovative Water Quality Monitor for Taste & Odor Issues

Capes. Joseph
"Open Sidecar" Data Center Cooling Prototype Systems

Chirayath. Paul
Technology Combining UV Light and HEPA Filtration

DiMillo. John
Q Air Terminal Design Concept

Dungate. David
Commercialization of High-Efficiency Biomass Boilers

Dunn. John
Grid Electrode Precipitator Commercialization Plan

Greene. Jonathan
High Quality Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Wafers

Holt. Fox
Non-Toxic Photoresist for Producing Organic Electronics

Kent. Peter
Switchable Molecular Sensors for Real-Time Detection of Bioterror Agents and Naturally Occurring Organisms in Drinking Water

Marzocca. Piergiovanni
Smart Wind Turbine Blade

Marzocca. Piergiovanni
Development and Commercialization of Smart Wind Turbine Blades

Rak. Dennis
Large Scale Commercialization of Shrub Willow Biomass

Shapiro. Ian
Development and Licensing a Version of a Department of Energy Model that Simulates both Energy Consumption and IEQ

Spencer, MD. Michael
Development of an SiC Epitaxial Wafer Manufacturing Facility

Unangst. Joseph
DNA-Based Sequencing Technology

Wetzel. Lawrence
Application of Neural Networks Software Technology

Wetzel. Lawrence
"Green" metal hydride for air conditioning

Wetzel. Lawrence
Hospital Environmental Control Units (HECU)