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03/10/2015 -
Innovation Fund - Call for Proposals...

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01/22/2015 -
ARPA-E Awards $3.2 to Syracuse University, SyracuseCoE Researchers for 'Personal Air-Conditioning'...

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10/14/2014 -
Near Westside Initiative Receives Prestigious Award from USGBC...

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Labs and Testbeds: New SyracuseCoE Facilities to Accelerate Innovations...

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Come visit us for a "Friday at Three" tour...

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2012 Annual Progress Report...

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Research and Technology Forums

Highlighting cutting edge research by academic and industry leaders,
along with market drivers and trends

The R&T Forum series is brought to you by the SyracuseCoE Partner Program.
March 2015 R&T Forum: Frontiers in Environmental Health Analysis and Practice 
Monday, March 30th, 2015
  • Dr. Jay Tunkel, Sr. Scientist and Principal Investigator, SRC Environmental Health Analysis group
    • Safer Chemicals for Consumer Products: Alternatives Assessment in a Data Poor WorldThis talk discussed SRC's work selecting safer chemicals for consumer products, addressing topics including chemistry, environmental fate, and toxicology.
  • Russell Pellegrino Jr., Technical Director, Centek Laboratories
    • Formaldehyde in Laminate Flooring: Know Your Sources. This presentation addressed Centek's work in analyzing emissions from laminate flooring from multiple sources, particularly formaldehyde.
This forum was moderated by Robert Del Zoppo, Assistant Vice President, SRC.
Watch the presentation here.


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