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Research Projects

Photo: Clarkson University's Andrea Ferro.

SyracuseCoE’s Collaborative Activities for Research and Technology Innovation (CARTI) projects—supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)—conduct basic and applied research in two thrust areas: air quality and water resource management. An independent Scientific Advisory Committee of nationally recognized researchers recommends projects for CARTI awards following a rigorous process used by the National Science Foundation and the US EPA for competitively awarded projects. For more information on CARTI, click here.

SyracuseCoE also has a number of research projects associated with its headquarters building.
For more information about research on the SyracuseCoE green roof, click here.
For more information about research on the Urban Ecosystem Observatory Towers, click here.

Project summaries are listed in alphabetical order by Primary Investigator.

To watch research and demonstration projects presentations to the SyracuseCoE Scientific Advisory Committee in April 2010, click here.

Ahmadi. Goodarz
Computational and Experimental Techniques for Human Health and Security in Indoor Environments

Ahmadi. Goodarz
Computational and Experimental Study of Airflow and Particulate Pollutant Transport and Concentration around the Syracuse Center of Excellence Building

Anagnost. Susan
Membrane-based DNA Technique to Simultaneously Detect Opportunistic, Pathogenic and Wood-decay Fungi in Buildings

Asefa. Tewodros
Antibody-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Use as Sensors to Detect Pathogens in Water

Borer. Philip
Biosensors with Low Cross-reactivity for Waterborne Contaminants

Borer. Philip
Direct Sequence Analysis Method for Rapid Discovery of DNA Ligand Binding Sequences for Biosensor Technologies

Boyer. Gregory
Development and Deployment of a Remote Observing System for Determination of Taxon-specific Phytoplankton Abundance

Dang. Thong
Intelligent centralized controller for natural ventilation

Dhaniyala. Suresh
Urban Airshed Monitoring: New Tools for Aerosol Characterization at Meso-Scale Spatial Resolution

Dhaniyala. Suresh
Spatial Distribution of Ultrafine Aerosol Population from Local Sources

Driscoll. Charles.T.
Mercury Transport and Contamination in the Lake Ontario Basin

Driscoll. Charles.T.
An Intelligent Urban Environmental System (i-UES) for Central New York Water Resource Management

Faraone. Stephen
Epigenetic Influences of Cigarette Smoke and Nicotine on ADHD Candidate Genes

Ferro. Andrea
Investigation of Electrostatic Forces Caused by Walking on Floor and Its Effect on Particle Resuspension in an Indoor Environment

Findlay. Stuart
Characterizing Non-Point Salt Contamination to Streams and Groundwater

Hassett. John P.
Real-time Sensing and Time-resolved Sampling of Organic Chemicals in Onondaga Lake

Hassett. John P.
Development of a Real-time Self-contained Buoy Detection System for Water-Borne Trace Organic Contaminants

Henderson. Hugh
From the Ground Up

Henderson. Hugh
Center of Excellence Meteorological Station

Henderson. Hugh
Building Energy and Environmental Systems

Higuchi. Hiroshi
Controlling the Microclimate around the Head with Local Ventilation

Hopke. Philip
Characterization of the Ambient Air Quality in Syracuse, NY and Identification of its Origins

Hopke. Philip
Initial Development of a Semicontinuous Monitor of Particle and Gas Phase Reactive Oxygen Species in the Urban Atmosphere

Hopke. Philip
Characterization of coarse particles in Syracuse, NY

Jaques. Peter
Personal Exposures and Cardiopulmonary Responses of Children Riding Diesel Powered School Buses

Khalifa. H. Ezzat
Distributed Demand-controlled Ventilation for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Limburg. Karin
Integrated Monitoring/Modeling Framework for Assessing Human-Nature Interactions in Urbanizing Watersheds: Onondaga and Wappinger Creeks

Luk. Yan-Yeung
Real Time Monitoring of Specific Airborne Pollutants on Nanostructured Smart Surfaces

Luk. Yan-Yeung
Laser Holographic Biosensing Mechanism Using Porous Protein Laden Hydrogel

Luk. Yan-Yeung
Integrated sensing mechanisms based on holographic diffraction and quantum confinement in protein- and nanocolloid-laden hydrogel

Luk. Yan-Yeung
Development of an Antigen-Responsive Hydro-Shell for Detecting Aqueous Toxins

McGrath. Kathleen
Life Down Under: The Forgotten Hyporheic Zone in Stream Restoration and Development of a Bioindicator of Subsurface Recovery

Mountrakis. Giorgos
Bridging the Temporal Mismatch between Remotely Sensed Land Use Changes and Field-based Water Quality/Quantity Observations

Ojo. Temitope
Water Quality Measurements Using a Novel Buoyancy Controlled Drifting Sensor Platform (BCDSP)

Pelken. Paul Michael
Virtual design studio for energy efficient buildings

Raina. Ramesh
Near-Real-Time Detection of Microbial Waterborne Agents to Inform Risk Analysis

Ren. Dacheng
Analysis and Optimization of a Novel Regenerative Bio-filter System for Enhanced VOC Removal from Indoor Environments

Ren. Dacheng
Monitoring and Controlling Biofilm Formation in Waters: Development of a Platform for Studying Bacterial-surface Interactions

Satish. Usha
Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Human Decision Making and Productivity

Shoemaker. Christine A.
Integrating Sensor Network Design with Weather Forecasts and a Watershed Model to Predict and Manage Water Quality

Sokolov. Igor
Development and Application of Novel Particle Tracers for the Measurement of Flow Fields Affecting Indoor Air Quality

Stenson. Timothy
High Environmental Performance 2 (HEP 2) - Residential Housing for New York State

Tavlarides. Lawrence L.
Reactive Oxygen Species in Particulate Matter: Formation, Elimination, and In Vitro Assessment of Relative Toxic Effects

Utell. Mark
Ultrafine Particles and Cardiac Responses: Evaluation in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

Varshney. Pramod
Intelligent Sensor Networks for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Zhang. Jensen
Exploratory Study on the Effects of Ventilation Rate on Creativity Performance

Zhang. Jianshun
Prediction of the Mold Fungus Formation Probability on Critical Building Components in Residential Dwellings

Zhang. Jianshun
Development of a Living Testbed for Built (Indoor) and Urban (Outdoor) Environmental Systems